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Redmond Shell Gas Station Polar Bear Gas

Our Shell Station

Established over forty years ago in beautiful Redmond, Oregon, Polar Bear Gas & Wash and Polar Bean Coffee Cottage are long-time, family-owned businesses with a strong commitment to our community.


Polar Bear Gas & Wash has long been the service station of choice for our local area residents. Maybe one of the reasons this is so is our exceptional employees! We are committed to retaining the best employees for the long term.


About the Owners

Craig and Bobbie were both born in Redmond. Craig's Parents even attended Redmond High School. Craig's first job when he turned 16 was at Polar Bear Gas and Wash in Redmond. He was working there when the former owner, Dave purchased the location and we had stayed in contact over all these years. Craig double majored in Business from Portland State and has been in Commercial Banking for the last 13 years, but had always had the dream of owning his own business. Once the opportunity came, Craig jumped on it and now owns the business where he first started his employment. 


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