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Established over forty years ago in beautiful Redmond, Oregon, Polar Bear Gas & Wash and Polar Bean Coffee Cottage are long-time, family-owned businesses with a strong commitment to their community.

Polar Bear Gas & Wash

Polar Bear Gas & Wash has long been the service station of choice for our local area residents. Maybe one of the reasons this is so are our exceptional employees! We are committed to retaining the best employees for the long term.

Many of our employees are lifelong Central Oregonians...We even have multi-generational family members working side-by-side, Their experience makes possible the personal customer service on which we have built our reputation.

Our affiliation with Shell Oil™ - the nation's premier fuel products and services distribution company - doesn't hurt either. As a Shell retailer, we are able to extend to our customers all the benefits of this global company, right here is Central Oregon!

From the best fuel and lube products, to customized personal and commercial fleet credit cards, to prepaid, rechargeable gift cards, Shell Oil� and Polar Bear Gas & Wash truly lead the way.

Polar Bean Coffee Cottage

Offering Central Oregonians their favorite mochas, lattes, ice rages, smoothies and other seasonal beverages, custom blended and served exactly the way they like them, has certainly helped establish Polar Bean Coffee Cottage as a must-visit haven for locals and visitors alike. Our trained, certified and experienced baristas are simply the best!

Hats Off to You! (Our Customers)

Whatever the reason, all credit ultimately goes to our Customers - the most dedicated and appreciated anywhere! Many of our customers have put their faith in our service for years and across generations. They consistently refer us to their friends and family, and represent our largest source of advertising and promotion. To our loyal customers, we say a great big THANK YOU!

Hope to See You Soon!

To all those who have not yet visited Polar Bear Gas & Wash or Polar Bean Coffee Cottage, we hope we will soon have the opportunity to extend our service to you and welcome you as a friend.

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